DIY Potting Soil Recipes for Growing Outdoors

DIY Potting Soil Recipes for Growing Outdoors

Are you a passionate gardener looking to create your own potting soil mix for your outdoor plants?
Poppy seeds

How to Plant Poppy? Its Easy to Grow, but Do Not Transplant It

The Poppy seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals and other useful substances.
Abutilon theophrasti or Velvetleaf

Velvetleaf: An Invasive Weed or a Useful Culture?

Abutilon theophrasti (velvetleaf or velvet weed) is an annual plant from the Malvaceae family. Its leaves resemble linden leaves.
Okra - planting, caring, harvesting

Okra – Sowing, Planting, and Harvesting

Okra is an annual plant. Only 3 - 6 days after flowering and fertilization, very young fruits are used as vegetables in various ways, mostly cooked or stewed.
How to grow giant onions?

How to Grow Giant Onions?

Giant onions (Allium giganteum) are grown as a decorative plant and as a honey-rich plant that attracts bees.
Cherry Tomato Upside Down

Growing Cherry Tomato Upside-Down – Yes, It’s Possible!

My idea of growing cherry tomato upside-down was to put a bucket at the ends of the two blocks to free the middle part.

Amaranth (Foxtail) – Climate, Planting, Care and Storage

Amaranth or the Foxtail is a cultivated relative of Amaranth lividus var. ascendeus, which originates from Central and Southern Europe.
The Soil
Organic Garden Guide

The Soil – Types, Characteristics, Improvements

It is necessary to get to know the characteristics of the soil in the garden before we start planting plants.
Organic Garden Planning
Organic Garden Guide

Organic Garden Planning: Position, Wind, Water, Fences

Before you start planning, it is important to determine what the main requirements that this space should meet are.
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